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How good is it to feel free to choose?
Every individual expresses him or herself in a different way and needs to see in front of him original solutions and multiple varieties in order to find himself.
The Cellini Hotels are designed specifically to fulfill your every desire whether it be a family holiday, a vacation with your partner or your pet.

The variety of the


Pinarella di Cervia gives guests the possibility to spend pleasant open-air vacations here all day long.
Sun baths, regenerating swims, walks and jogs across the pinewood forest and bicycle excursions.

Pinarella di Cervia is an intimate seaside resort that is idyllically set just in the heart of the Riviera Romagnola.

Situated few minutes far from the most charming seaside resorts of Cervia and Cesenatico, it is the perfect place to spend pleasant vacations along the Riviera.
In Bagno di Romagna you will find the place where spas, nature, culture and elite food intertwine to make every moment of the year enjoyable.
Every time, every light, every season is a tribute to the philosophy of living slowly and well.