• Cellini Hotels

    Choose where you feel at home

    The best welcome is the one that makes you feel at home, where you feel free to be yourself with the people you love. Cellini Hotels, more complexes designed to welcome you in the best way.

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  • Free to Choose

    The right place for you

    How exciting is it to feel free to choose? Every individual expresses him or herself in a different way. This is why Cellini Hotels offers its guests three different types of accommodation.

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  • Attention to detail

    Focus on quality

    A careful and accurate approach, where nothing is left to chance. Cellini Hotels will take care of every detail to offer you a service up to your needs.

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A hearty welcome

Dino, the face of Cellini Hotels

Recent times have shown us that many of our privileges cannot be taken for granted. However, recently, we have learned that the ‘X-factors’ of your holidays are always around the corner: friends, family and unspoiled nature. Cellini Hotels were born exactly from here: from the desire of the owner, Dino Cellini, to find serenity and time for our loved ones, experiencing different places for different needs. There are many special offers and interesting experiences: discover them in one of our complexes and live your most beautiful emotions together with us and those you love!

The offers of Cellini Hotels

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